Services Offered

Ukufunda Education Consulting offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:

Monitoring and evaluation

  • evaluation of the implementation and/or impact of educational initiatives:
    • theory of change development;
    • evaluation design;
    • quantitative and qualitative data collection & analysis;
    • report writing

Mathematics Educational Services

  • teacher training: workshops and individual coaching of primary and high school teachers
  • resource development: authoring and editing of textbooks and websites; project managing authoring projects
  • revision seminars and private tutoring for high school learners: customised for the individual or group

Other Educational Services


  • on educational developments in Southern Africa and elsewhere

Project management

  • any scale from a new computer lab to a new school to a province-wide education intervention

School set-up:

  • community negotiations
  • budgeting and procurement
  • staff and learner selection
  • policy development
  • strategic planning

Adult and youth training/facilitating:

  • creation and delivery of experiential learning courses